Training Program

Sr. No. Name of Orgnization/Places Training Period Number of Trainee
1 Muncipality, Barhanpur, MP 1 Month 30
2 ShivgangaZabuaa, MP 8 Days 72
3 Andhra University, Vishakhapattanam 2 Months 75
4 Sevabharati, Arunachal Pradesh 1 Month 16
5 Chetna Organic farm, Akot. 8 Days 8
6 Dipshikha Army School, Chikhaldara 5 Days 30
7 Lawada Training Center 1 Month 10
8 Project of Deptartment of Science & Technology for Handcraft 1 Month 20
9 Project of Deptartment of Science & Technology for House Building 1 Month 20


Economical Requirement for Gram Gyanpeeth

Sr. No. Erection Under Rupees
1 Swagat Kaksha Rs. 5 lac
2 Sangrahalaya Rs. 15 lac
3 Prarthana Sthan Rs. 3 lac
4 Gurukul (total 9, Rs.5 lakh each) Rs. 45 lac
5 Athiti Awas Rs. 5 lac
6 Karagiri Hat Rs. 3 lac
7 Khula Rangamanch Rs. 5 lac
8 Jal Vyavastha Rs. 5 lac
9 Vruksharopan, Surksha Rs. 5 lac
Total Rs. 95 lac


Vishwakarma IGNOU Community Collage

The courcesrun by Collage are given as follows
1. Associate degree in bamboo technology.
2. Deplomain bamboo technology.
3. Certificate in bamboo technology

Bamboo Planting and Employment

In the year 2012 SBK start the program for Bamboo Planting in assisting with Jamshedji Tata Trust.
Undre this they develop 6 Research Plot for 8 types of Bamboo species.
Total 245 farmer plant 14342 Bamboo plant in there farm

Shastri-Mistri Workshop

In this workshop Karagir, Architect and students of engineering participate to share knowledge, to develope new designs and introducing new tools. This workshop was orgnized on 9 to 12 feb 2014. The students from IIT Bombay and V.N.I.T. Nagpur also participated.

Design Development

In Bamboo handcrafts production there is regularly updating of various designs. This year they thought that there can be large extent of demand in handcraft for traditional festivals. Hence they developed 15 new designs of Rakhi. The student from National Craft & Design, Jaypur actively participate in design development work.

Woman Empowerment

For the woman empowerment Sau. Nirupama Deshpande is working in Melghat. They recognize the importance of Bachat Gat in this field. They started more than 200 Bachat Gat. All are connected to banks and able to get economical support. The first Bachat Gat in Melghat was from Lawada.