Tree Plantation

Every year there is the work of tree planting in Gramyanpeeth Kotha. This work is started regularly for about five years. Most plants are of fruits and flowers.

Names of Fruit Plants

Mango, Jam, Sitaphal, Bel, Aavla, Nimbu, Santra, Chiku, Jamoon, Karanja, Pomegranate, Umber, Coconut, Godlim, Plum, Funus, Badam.

Plants of Flowers

Rose, Mogra, Kanher, Jaswad, Jasmine, Krishnakamal, Jasmine, Zendu, Champa.

Other bushes

Such as Peepal, Bud, Sisam, Kavit, Gulmohar, Behda, Kadunim.

Bamboo plants

Manvel, Katang, Aliveri, Mananga, Tulada, Perigresil, Budhas, Beema, Walgeris Bamboo plants have different ropes and ranges of 9 jatiya.

Bamboo Planting and Employment

In the year 2012 SBK start the program for Bamboo Planting in assisting with Jamshedji Tata Trust.
Undre this they develop 6 Research Plot for 8 types of Bamboo species.
Total 245 farmer plant 14342 Bamboo plant in there farm