1) Samay Dan (Time Donation)

2) Gyan Dan (Knowledge Donation)

3) Vastu Dan (Object Donation)

4) Dhan Dan (Money Donation)

Registration Details

Society Act / Trusts Act
F 4070/dt 21/5/1997, MAH/3994/97/Yavatmal


You can also participate in our work.

1] Student Development Scheme - Rs. 50 thousand per year per student to support 25 students.

2] Lokkala Sanskar Kendra - 25 centers, monthly per center Rs. 3,000 Total Expenditure, Monthly Rs. 75,000/-

3] Folk Art Shibir Expenditure - 100 students, total expenditure per student - Rs.1,00,000 /-

4] Plantation - Rs. 1,000 per tree, this year the target is 30,000 trees

5] Water Maintenance Work -
• Construction of a pond in the Gram Gyanpeeth premises - Rs. 5 Lakh
• Cleaning work - 2 ponds - Rs. 2 Lakh
• Making Bonds - Total Rs. 10 Lakh

6] Bamboo Bathrooms - Village with bathrooms The target of this year is 200 bathrooms, one bathroom price Rs. 13,000/-.

7] Institution Interests - Support amount Rs. 1,000/- per annum

8] Gram Gyanpeeth - Gurukul construction work, 6 Lakh per Gurukul is 4 Gurukul construction work.

9] Lawada Area Office - Office Construction - On 1 March 2016, the office was ablaze due to a fire in the office. Therefore, construction work is necessary. A total of 1800 sq feet construction work is to be done. 40 Lakh

10] Emergency Economic Cooperation - Yearly cooperation amount Rs. 1 Lakh
(Fire in the Village, Flood Damage of Houses, Aid to Health)

11] During the corona epidemic, people can be helped in employment, training, distribution of ration kit.

12] The organization has Ambulances. You can also help to take the poor patient from the village to Amravati Hospital.
Donation for Ambulances Van Disel, Maintainace, Nurse, Driver - Rs. 30,000/per month

Bank Details

SampoornaBamboo Kendra, Lawada

State Bank of India, Branch - Dharni

Acount No. – 11743714282

IFSC - SBIN0002150

The Organization has 80-G Certificate (Income Tax Free Donation)

Online Payment Accepted